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Custom Blog Creation Can Save Your SEO

SEO is an art that requires a delicate hand at times — but other aspects of the system have been nailed down so hard that there are ridiculously easy tools you can use to nail a huge advantage over people who aren’t using them. One of those tools is blogging, but it only works well if you have a talented SEO artists perform a custom blog creation for you.

What’s That Mean?

Custom blog creation is just what it sounds like: having someone make you (or making for yourself, if you have the chops) a blog that is set up behind the scenes to maximize your SEO juice. There are a lot of aspects of blogging that can be amazing SEO — or they can be a complete waste of time. It just depends on how they’re put together.

How the Right Blog Setup can Help

In short, on-page SEO — the part that can be advanced by skilled setup — is all about seven things:

  1. A URL that contains your keyword
  2. A page title that contains — ideally, begins with — your keyword (and uses <H1> tags)
  3. A quick — ideally, sub-2-second — load time
  4. Social sharing buttons
  5. Engaging — ideally, multimedia — content
  6. Outgoing links to authoritative, relevant sites
  7. The copy containing the keyword somewhere in the first 100 words.

A well set-up blog can take care of more than half that list — everything but points 5, 6, and 7 — automatically. You put in the thought once, while setting the blog up in the first place, and then never again. You do still have to create engaging content with links to authoritative, relevant sites that has the keyword somewhere in the first hundred words — but compared to the hassle of running down the whole list, it’s pretty trivial to get used to putting a single keyword and a single decent link per piece of content.

Custom blog creation makes for easy SEO, which in turn makes your content marketing efforts straightforward and quick — something that every single content producer out there can certainly learn to love!

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