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Creating a Great Mobile Website Design

Having a good mobile website design is important in modern times. In today’s day and age, more and more people are using their smart phones and tablets to browse the internet and search for businesses. At the same time, website developers have come up with more ways to make websites flashier and interactive. The problem is that mobile devices cannot access these features and if attention is not paid to making a website compatible with mobile devices, then users may have trouble viewing that site on a smart phone or tablet. This is why having a mobile design for your website is becoming a necessity.

Responsive Web Design
When a website is designed so that it can viewed on any size screen without redirecting the user to another page that is formatted for their screen, this is responsive web design. This is typically the best method for making sure that your website looks great on both desktop and mobile devices without having to create a separate mobile website.

Simplicity in Design
While it may be cool to have a bunch of interactive graphics and features on your website, the truth is that this can deter people from visiting your mobile site. Mobile phones do not have the memory to be able to view websites that require a lot of information to be downloaded. If a user needs to sit there for a minute while your page loads, then most likely they will hit the back button. With mobile website design, you should try to keep the overall design of your site as simple as possible. This means limiting the number of images and fancy website styling to cut down on load time.

Part of keeping your website simple is sticking to one column. Most desktop websites have some type of sidebar to display advertisements, page navigation, and features of the website. On a mobile device, the screen size is limited. This results in sidebars being difficult to read. Instead, stick with a single column. Also, keep in mind that users are going to be tapping on buttons instead of clicking on them. Follow these suggestions and you are sure to have a great mobile website design.

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