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Content Ideas That Will Boost Your Dental Social Media Marketing

Dental Social Media Marketing

Has your well of dental social media posts gone dry? We know that it can be a pretty exhausting exercise after a while. But don’t worry. You may be running on fumes with your Facebook and Instagram content, but our tank remains full. We have a plethora of ideas and topics surrounding your practice which we are willing to share with you to keep your posts fresh and current. You are welcome.

Fast facts and trivia

To help your audience learn a bit more about how crucial oral care is, why not post random but useful facts related to that? Do not just copy-paste your trivia, try to give a brief explanation without sounding too technical about it. This will make for an interesting read for followers of your dental social media.

Clinic hours

Whether there are changes or not, relaying your clinic schedule from time to time is a good filler post. It tells customers your clinic remains active and ready to accommodate patients. More importantly, use this facility to announce your operations during holidays, especially if you plan to open during such times. This may give you a competitive advantage considering many businesses are usually closed during red-letter days.

Charity or fundraising events

Maybe you are not just a licensed dentist, you are a do-gooder as well. Put your dental social media in full force by displaying photos from your philanthropic efforts, which may also help inspire your followers to do the same in their own way.

Community events

You can help your local community by spreading the word using your social media. It could be about dental scholarships or a “clean and green” drive, which you also have a passion for. Those events may even get more traction as your followers will likely share them by forwarding your post to their respective audiences.

Birthday celebrations and milestones

You can show how much you value your team members when you post their pictures on their birthday. A short appreciation message for all the efforts they put in that go beyond their job descriptions would be a sweet gesture. Or you can acknowledge a female employee who has given birth recently, provided she consented to your announcement. These kinds of posts signify a personal touch beyond the formalities of your profession.

Work innovations

Work innovations

Maybe your clinic has gone fully digital, and as such, your patients can now schedule their appointments online. This could be worth mentioning in a post because it is an improvement from your previous procedures. Or perhaps you have just replaced your old dental chair with a new one that is a lot more comfortable, which is something that your existing and potential clients will look forward to on their next checkup.

Upcoming conventions and conferences

Dental social media posts on special events remind people that you are keeping abreast with the latest developments in your field, thereby boosting your professionalism and credibility as a dental practitioner.

Newly-hired employees

Posting your new staff and co-dentists in your social media content is a great way to welcome them to your clinic. It lends a good impression among those who get to see such posts. It makes them view your workplace as a friendly and warm environment.

Media publicity

Say you got featured in an article for your amazing work, or you have recently appeared on a TV show or podcast talking about your practice. Of course you should post it! It gives a sense of pride not just to you, but to your existing patients as well. Furthermore, it can even drive new patients to your clinic.

Glowing reviews

Several social media platforms like Facebook have a customer feedback system in place. You can simply show appreciation for the favorable ratings given to you by your loyal patients. This enhances your professional image even more, which can prompt others to try your services.


This could very well be a fail-proof post tactic. Almost everyone is fascinated to see a transformation, especially if it’s a glow up. You can showcase a number of patients who have had marked improvements in their dental aesthetics, with their consent. Again, this is another means to increase your client base through dental social media.

Promotional discounts and freebies

During the lean months in your clinical practice, you might want to give your revenue a boost by coming up with discounted services and free stuff. Posting those in your social media is the best way to promote it, which can make that hesitant patient finally go to your clinic given your attractive discounts. You can even issue a special code for all those who have seen your post and present them during their appointment booking. You’ll likely get a great response from this marketing strategy.

Dental trends

Dental trends

You can weigh in on the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry, which is another practice altogether. There are a lot of interesting topics in the field, such as tooth bleaching and enamel bonding. After all, many of us dream of having that sparkling white set of teeth, and your opinions can help those who are considering improvements eventually choose you to perform them.

Share other posts

When mixing up your content, you may want to repost articles related to your field which you find helpful and entertaining. It could be something that reinforces what you do or what your branding is. Needless to say, you must avoid sharing those which are from your direct competitors.

Holiday greetings

Whether it is Memorial day or Christmas, always take advantage of greeting your followers on special occasions. You can make it more creative by using a personalized design, or a video of yourself addressing your audience. These little things increase your social media mileage, and they do not go unnoticed even if they seem routine.

The Bottomline

As your social media following continues to grow, so should your marketing content. Regardless of its ease, avoid automating your posts. Nothing beats a personal touch coming across everything that you put out, whether it is a promotional post or advice. At the end of the day, posting on social media is not just about you monologuing, it is about talking to your audience. Keep those fun and informative posts coming!

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