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Consider Video SEO

Videos are hugely popular on the internet and this has led to more people searching for videos about products and services they are thinking of buying. When you use videos as part of your marketing strategy then it is important to also use proper video SEO techniques to maximize your audience reach.

Searches on YouTube
You might not be aware that the second most popular search site is YouTube. When you have a video on YouTube and properly implement SEO techniques then you maximize your hits on this great site. You can then direct interested people to your websites information or landing pages creating a new stream of high quality visitors that you can market to.

Answer a Question
One of the best ways to maximize the impact of videos is to construct them to answer a specific question that people that are interested in buying or using your product or service would ask. People are looking for answers and by providing them in an accessible way you build interest and create loyalty that will be reflected in your bottom line.

Videos Rank on Google
Google knows that people like videos and have included video content in search returns for some time now. This means that quality video content not only can be found by searching popular video content sites such as YouTube but also by people that are searching through search engines. This can mean that you can not only have a high page rank when people search but get a second appearance with your video as well.

Remember Keywords
It is very important to use keywords in the video content that you are using. This is the most important part of video SEO because even the best video can remain unseen because it does not appear in relevant searches. This means that the video title, the video description and the video transcript or subtitle file should include relevant keywords. You will then boost your onsite as well as search engine hits dramatically.

Back Links
A great way to boost the video’s popularity is to ensure that as several high quality sites have links to it. Also do not forget to include links to your website in the video description. These simple steps will increase your website SEO and video SEO bringing more visitors and improving your visibility.

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