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  • How You Can Benefit From Video SEO

    YouTube which is owned by Google can provide your company with additional sources of revenue. When a person does a search for products or services there will be YouTube videos that show up in the search engine results and with the right video SEO strategy your business could appear in those searches. Video...

  • How to Use Video SEO to Increase Traffic

    If you want to take advantage of adding video to your website, then you will need to use good video SEO. As with other forms of SEO (search engine optimization), this involves optimizing the way you include your video so that search engines can index it. Before adding more video to your website,...

  • Text SEO Is So Yesterday…Try Video SEO!

    Well, with so many websites trying to catch an individual’s attention, a new marketing tool is created everyday to cater to a variety of individuals who use the Internet. While some like reading and some seeing pictures, there is no doubt that watching videos is probably the most popular of the media forms....

  • Awesome Tips for Great Video SEO

    Proper video SEO practices are just as important as the websites SEO. By now, most people understand a little bit about what SEO (search engine optimization) is. At its most basic form, SEO is making sure that your website is going to get better rankings in search engine results. The same is true...

  • How to use Video SEO to Maximize Your Business Potential

    As you may have noticed, there has been a huge increase in the amount of video advertising seen on the Internet lately. It has been proven to generate more interest than print or picture advertising, which can only mean good news for your business. We have created a few tips to help you...

  • If You Don’t Count Virality, Is Video SEO Still Powerful?

    Video SEO is all the rage right now -- YouTube continues to add more new content every day than a human can watch in their entire lifetime; descriptive videos convey the essence of products and services more easily than any amount of text; and of course a single good video can get dozens...

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