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  • Social Bookmarking is Becoming Popular (Again)

    Everyday people enter onto the Internet to find out the latest news, whether this be national, local or related to entertainment purposes only. Those who do this on a regular basis, are most often sharing this content with others. They are participating in what is known as social bookmarking. What is Social Bookmarking?...

  • Why PPC Management is Best Handled by the Professionals

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Management offers targeted ways to get paid per visitor to a webpage. People are paid when advertisements are clicked and lead to the company’s webpage. Pay Per Click is a great way for any website of blog to create a revenue stream that can be small, or extremely large....

  • What Not To Do With PPC Management

    While PPC management, or pay per click management, can be an absolutely invaluable asset to your online marketing strategy through its ability to drive up traffic from external locations, it can also be a nightmare come true if your content is mismanaged and poorly handled. A lack of direction and a mismanagement of...

  • Harnessing The Power Of PPC Management

    In the increasingly competitive world of online marketing and advertising, businesses have to find ways to stay ahead of the curve while still being conservative and cost-effective in their efforts. Web-based businesses can’t afford to fall behind in their marketing efforts, but they also can’t waste resources on advertising to irrelevant audiences. One...

  • Why You Shouldn’t Try To Do PPC Management on Your Own

    If you are thinking about doing your own PPC management do yourself a favor and don't. There are business owners like yourself that are trying to manage their own pay-per-click campaigns and end up squandering large sums of money. There is a science behind effective pay-per-click management but that only comes with experience...

  • Your PPC Management and Your SEO Guy Should Be Working Together

    The best advice you can take from anyone in terms of your PPC and SEO campaigns is to make sure you have synergy. If those guys aren’t working together, you have to ask why, and you have to make sure it changes! Firstly, despite the fact that they are very different ways of...

  • Expert SEO: Using AdWords Data To Find Killer Keywords, Part II

    In the first part of our Using AdWords To Find Killer Keywords article, we talked about the importance of running both an SEO and PPC campaign together. To cut a long story short, it just makes sense! In this article, we will be explaining just how the use of AdWords can help your...

  • Expert SEO: Using Adwords Data To Find Killer Keywords, Part I

    Do PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns go hand in hand? Answer: yes they do! That is, if you are working with an SEO company who knows how to make both campaigns sing to the same tune. Many people have their favourites. Typically, people who want quick results like the no nonsense approach of...

  • PPC Management Shares Several Skills With Expert SEO

    When it comes to spending your hard earned money on SEO or PPC it can be a difficult thing to do. Many businesses have a huge number of different outgoings, and it can seem difficult to part with cash for something that is not guaranteed. This is an understandable view point, but these...

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