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What can you expect from excellent Google Exposure?

Everyone wants a little extra love from Google when it comes to their search rankings, but few people truly understand the benefits of being in Google’s good graces. Why should you spend time and effort building exposure when you could be doing other things?

Getting in Google’s Good Graces

Google exposure starts and ends with your efforts. If you want Google to notice you, then make sure your Google My Business and Google Plus pages are filled out. Create great content on your website that is authoritative and rich in properly optimized keywords. Take your content and share it via social media and other resources to spread the word and build backlinks. Google will notice you and begin ranking both for local and general search.

Trust with Customers

If you’re Google’s darling, then it comes with some perks. Google exposure means your customers see you everywhere, and people trust Google. There’s a reason few people go to the second search page. Having Google exposure creates trust with existing and potential customers, because if Google likes you enough to put you above all others, then so should they.


Competitor research is an integral part of SEO, and your competition sees you ranking well and wants to knock you off. Don’t be surprised if they begin copying what you’re doing in an effort to improve their own Google standings. They won’t use direct copies, but they’ll take your original ideas and tweak them for their own ends. This is why SEO, Content Marketing, etc. are an ongoing effort. Your competitors are using their own SEO to undermine yours, so you need to be vigilant and creative.

A Better Bottom Line

The more Google exposure you have, the more traffic your site is going to get. This leads to more conversions and a better bottom line. If you’re ranking for properly optimized keywords and being featured by Google, then the customers coming to your site are the audience you want. They’re in the mood to learn more about what you offer and buy your product or service. Keep up the good content, and you’ll see your conversions rise, as does your Google exposure.

Excellent Google exposure isn’t easy, because you’re competing with other companies, and it may take a little time for Google to take notice. When it happens, your business will experience benefits that your competition doesn’t.

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