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Building your foundation with SEO Specialists

If you’re just starting out online, then the first thing you need to do is build a firm foundation from which to develop your website as time goes on. For this, you will be well advised to make use of the expertise of SEO specialists.

In this post we’ll be covering a few key areas to get you started with a stunning and professional website, from there it will be much easier to slowly develop over time.

Simple Design
The first thing to focus on is the form and content of your website. This includes what main pages will be features on your menu, the structure between pages, as well as the general aesthetic of the site. I always recommend using simple design, whether your website is new or well established. Your site is like the frame around your content, and it is best to allow your viewer to focus on your content, not the design.

Keywords and Quality Content
Keywords are those words, phrases, or expressions within your content which will create a bridge to what your audience is likely to have searched in the search engine in order to find your page. If you are selling fold away bicycles, for example, your seo specialist will use special tools to ascertain which search terms are most common, in order to configure your content towards the largest audience possible. Naturally, your keywords must also be within quality content, and you should always aspire to offer more than what the top result on Google currently offers.

Backlinks are a type of hyperlink to external websites. These might be used as a reference, or demonstration, or to recommend another website to your audience. It is perhaps ineffective to direct your audience to any direct competition, but whenever you find relevant complementary content that would be wasteful or irrelevant for you to try to replicate, you can use a backlink.  

Mobile Design
Last but not least, mobile design is by now an essential. Over half of web traffic is using mobile devices, at all times, and if your site isn’t mobile ready, then you are likely to miss all of this potential web traffic, as well as gaining a negative reputation from all who try to visit your site on such devices.

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