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2017 Best SEO Tactics

We are already in the down slope of 2017. It has gone by too fast. This year brought with it a lot of changes. SSL certifications became more important. Speed Optimization is now a major factor in rankings. With all of the updates to Google we wanted to take a moment to reflect. So what are the Best SEO Tactics that we’ve seen this year. First, it is always important to remember that what works today may not work tomorrow. With algorithm updates like Hummingbird content is showing to be more relevant. Yes, sounds funny right? Content HAS ALWAYS been relevant. So what changed then? We are tarting to see that the quality of the content is becoming most important. Google wants to see that your content provides quality information. On top of that, it wants the content to be stimulating to your reader.

What are the Best SEO Tactics for Content? 

By looking deeper into Google Algorithm updates “Fred” and Hummingbird we see a lot about content quality. While content quality has always been a factor it not looks like Google is going DEEPER. Websites are being hit for low value content. First, let’s address the word “value” and what we think it means. After all, no one has a cheat sheet to rankings. We believe that Google wants your content to be engaging, not stagnant or repetitive. Our content development teams are working on pieces that entice a reader to “move on to the next chapter” so to speak. Second, we need to look at readability and uniqueness qualities of content. Writing fresh articles may be more important than ever.

Attorney Best SEO Tactics

If you are an avid reader of our blogs then you know DCM loves attorneys. Not only are we a licensed Google Partner firm but we also attend many law firm events. We have spoken at the National ABA Conference, the AVVO conference, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys event. We believe that one thing that may push a law firm above their competitor is adding new content monthly. By posting on your website you have the ability via RSS feeds to attract Google to see you. Check out our attorney marketing page  for more information.

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