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Beginners top tips from SEO Specialists

Welcome to our weekly blog post! Here we’ll be taking a brief look at some of the most important tips for beginners, straight from our SEO specialists. SEO or search engine optimisation refers to any and all methods used by yourself, SEO specialists, or other web developers in order to improve your business prospects online, especially when it comes to boosting your website in search engine rankings.

Get keywords right
From the dawn of the internet, keywords have been the backbone to how search engines register, rank, and index websites and web pages. Though in many respects the way that keywords work remains similar, there have been some changes over the years to block keyword stuffing, and indeed, today, a more nuanced approach to keywords works best. seo6

Perhaps the most important thing to focus on in order to improve your keyword game is research. Using Google Adwords or other expert keyword tools will not only help to suggest the best keywords for each page of your website but can also help you to analyze how effective these changes have been.  

Simple design
Though it might be tempting to add every design element imaginable to your website, we would recommend that you refrain from adding anything that you don’t need for your website to function effectively. There are two main reasons for this, firstly to help with page loading speeds, and secondly, because a messy website is simply less attractive to the eye.

Focus on speed
Whatever your website might be about, all websites have a need for speed in common. We’ve become used to browsing the web at break neck speeds, and any website which seems to falter and have trouble loading is less likely to be competitive in today’s market.

Content is key
Last but not least, always remember that content is key. The many nuances of SEO might be less noticeable to your average viewer than to us, but your content certainly will not be. Though there are plenty of things that can either help or harm your site in terms of SEO, quality content cannot be replaced.

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