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Awesome Tips for Great Video SEO

Proper video SEO practices are just as important as the websites SEO. By now, most people understand a little bit about what SEO (search engine optimization) is. At its most basic form, SEO is making sure that your website is going to get better rankings in search engine results. The same is true of video SEO, you are trying to make your video as accessible as possible and increase internet traffic. If your website contains original video, then consider some of these suggestions for good video SEO.

Keyword Usage
The first step in video SEO is to research the keywords that you are going to use. Using a keyword tool will provide you with the number of times that keyword is searched for each month as well as the amount of competition you have for that keyword. This is why it is recommended that you use keyword phrases, or long-tailed keywords. These are short phrases of two to three words. For example, if the keyword you were focusing on for your Boston based business is “plumbing”, then consider using a phrase like “affordable Boston plumbing” or “Boston plumbing emergency”. This creates a more targeted keyword that could have less competition.

Where To Put These Keywords
After you have come up with the keywords that you would like to use, you need to figure out where to use those keywords. As a part of good video SEO, the keyword should be part of the URL for your video. This usually means that you should name your video after the keyword. Going back to the previous example, if your video is an .mp4 you might name it “affordable_boston_plumbing. mp4”, this way the keyword will appear in the URL. You should also place the keyword in the title of the video and inside the metadata for the video.

Post Your Video
The first place that you should consider placing your video is obviously your own website; though there are other places to post your video too. In addition to embedding your video on your website, you should upload it to a custom YouTube channel and link to it through Twitter and Facebook. These video SEO techniques will help generate traffic for your website.

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