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  • Why You Need An Advertising Manager To Do Your Legal SEO

    The online community is a vast marketplace which allows practically anyone to market their products and services without spending big bucks that conventional advertising channels require. Thus, many companies are investing in their digital marketing in order to attract prospective customers in a cost-effective manner. In the case of law firms, it is...

  • How To Optimize Your Website With Online Dental Marketing To Supercharge Your Practice

    A well-designed website can be a powerful online dental marketing tool which helps grow the business of dentistry in more ways than one. After all, more site visitors equals more leads, equals more sales acquisitions, equals profitability. However, many fail to tap the full benefits of a dental website by not employing the...

  • Dot Com Media’s Digital Marketing Expertise Reviewed on Clutch

    At Dot Com Media, we help brands reach a wider audience through honest, reputable, and reliable internet marketing. We’re a full-spectrum digital marketing company that provides SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web development, and more. Using our streamlined processes, we study and understand the needs of US-based small businesses and help them enhance...

  • Why Number One May Not Be The Best Position For Your PPC Dental Marketing

    When we talk about organic search engine results, everyone wants to rank as high as they can. So it’s no surprise that some companies and trained professionals like dentists with newly-formed business websites will likely assume that garnering the first ad position in their PPC dental marketing is always the primary goal. After...

  • Is Your Business Lagging – Why 50% of New Businesses Fail

    A lot of people would like to start a business. But did you know that based on studies, 50% of new businesses fail? There are many reasons why this is so, and here are some of the top reasons we discovered why this catastrophe happens: Ineffective business planningBusinesses failing to understand their marketFailure...

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