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  • Get Results with Pay-Per-Call Marketing

    Once upon a time, when someone needed legal representation, they would talk to their friends and neighbors in order to get a recommendation. Sometime after that, the yellow pages were distributed and people in need could search and find an attorney all on their own. Later still, legal advertising exploded, and people were...

  • Online Marketing During A Pandemic: Four Things to Focus On

    The year 2020 has shown us that businesses cannot simply keep their head down and weather out the storm of a pandemic or other uncertain situation. While cutting costs may seem like an attractive short-term solution, your business will suffer the long-term consequences of not continuing to invest in your marketing efforts. But...

  • Is your Start Up lagging – why 50% of new businesses fail

    Nearly half of all new businesses fail in their first 5 years. That is a staggering and sobering fact. The most frustrating part of this statistic is not connected to the quality of your product or your work ethic as an entrepreneur. Businesses fail because they cannot attract enough customers consistently. Larry Page,...

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