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Attorney Marketing Made Easy For USA-based Attorneys

It takes a lot to become a lawyer. Aside from the amount of time you will dedicate to mastering the law, you must hone your analytical and verbal skills, among other professional qualifications. Hence, once you become one, it can be a fruitful and rewarding career. But before you get there, you have to turn in excellent work to earn a good reputation that will attract clients. And, it’s not always that they will come to you; you need to seek them out. After all, law practice is not just about defending and winning cases; it is also a business that needs to grow. But in a crowded legal marketplace, how does your lawyering stand out? Attorney marketing can help you promote your services and capture your target audience, whether you are running a firm or engaged in solo practice in the US. While marketing strategies in competitive markets have become more complex, there are simple and time-tested tactics you can try, especially if you are doing this for the first time.

In this article, we share tips to get your attorney marketing off the ground that can be easy to execute and bring more business to you.Optimize your Google Business Profile listing

1. Optimize your Google Business Profile listing

If your law practice is still not on Google My Business, now is the time to create your profile. It is a free service for attorney marketing where you make it easy for your would-be clients to know your location and learn more about your services. Not just an online directory, Google Business Profile can promote your firm by adding pictures, creating posts, displaying customer reviews, and linking to your website. Encourage your previous and existing clients to write reviews as they can enhance your law firm’s online presence and web traffic.

2. Improve your web structure

Your website serves as your first impression to clients. Therefore, it should be designed according to your branding, logo, specializations, achievements, etc. Apart from a good web design and relevant content, the site must be easy to navigate and mobile-responsive since many customers use their smartphones to look for information on anything. Remember that a page that takes too long to load is a customer repeller. And don’t forget to strategically place CTAs (calls-to-action) for customer inquiries and scheduling consultations.

3. Activate your social media presence

A savvy business will never skip social media; it is a good hunting ground for potential customers. After all, almost everybody is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all of them. It can be a useful tool for attorney marketing which legal eagles can use to advertise their expertise and share their winning cases. At the same time, you can use these platforms to share your insights on the current issues and educate your audience about the law by bringing them to a level many can understand.

4. Build your email list

Emails may often be taken for granted, but the truth is, they are one of the most cost-effective means for lawyers to do attorney marketing. You can practically hold onto your audience forever at no charge just by using this medium, allowing you to pitch your services to your clients, both new and existing. Hence, it is important to pursue lead generation efforts to grow your list of email addresses and implement targeted email campaigns for better results. For instance, you can boost your competitive advantage by throwing in free consults and legal guides for signups and reactivating previous clients.Create YouTube videos

5. Create YouTube videos

It’s not uncommon to find skilled professionals do vlogging as a side hustle where they get to promote their services and earn simultaneously, especially when you have gained a substantial following. Talk about hitting two birds, even more, with one stone. For your attorney marketing, thumbnails, captions, and tags should be spiced up to spur interest, but make sure your content remains relevant; otherwise, it is simply clickbait.

You can check out your competitors’ content, see which garners more views, and take it from there. Don’t worry if you are delving into similar topics because your commentary and legal advice would matter more. Clients often watch different videos on the same topic because they are after your input and unique take on the subject. It is also why others are thriving on reaction videos – talking about a video by another creator. Make sure your videos and audio are clear and concise to keep your audience engaged. Moreover, always include a CTA in your description box.

6. Solicit testimonials

Users often turn to client feedback whenever they are scouting for legal representation. It is why testimonials are considered assets for your attorney marketing which you must be actively soliciting from your clients. But at the same time, you have to be confident that you delivered excellent service to them in the first place so they’ll be more than willing to put in a good word or two. Alternatively, you can ask them through an email survey or by providing links to major review sites such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Yelp.

7. Try gated content

One way to generate leads for your attorney marketing is through the gated white paper. Gated means the user will need to provide information such as their email address before accessing a certain content they may be interested in. As you might already know, cold emails are strictly prohibited, wherein your email address may be suspended if you are found to violate the email policy. Site visitors can only become leads if you can procure their contact information. So when they provide their details, it is considered an opt-in, which allows you to include them in your future email blasts.Outsource a digital marketer

8. Outsource a digital marketer

If you have a considerable marketing budget, the easiest way is to save yourself from working on your attorney marketing yourself and hire a digital marketer to do the job instead. This way, you can focus on your cases. At the same time, the experienced marketing agency handles all online promotions, SEO, and other important attorney marketing tools to expand your client base, leading to increased revenue. Get a digital marketer who understands your industry’s unique challenges to achieve the best ROI.

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