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Advertising Tools for the Mobile Website Design

If you look around you at any given time, you will see the majority of people with a mobile device of some sort in their hands. We have become such a busy people that we would probably not be able to manage our lives without the availability of our Smartphone or tablet. Although you are used to seeing the various advertising on your desktop computer, it probably has not occurred to you to wonder how mobile website designhas affected these same advertisers.

First, mobile website design is the process where a company creates a mobile version of their website. This enables people to view different products or services on the small screen of their Smartphone or tablet. If you have ever tried to access a full website from your phone, you will know what a hassle this is. The pages take too long to load, and the products are difficult to see. As sites have worked hard to make changes to accommodate mobile devices, mobile website design has become a priority for most businesses.

Social bookmarking is the advertising method where people can search for and share their bookmarked or tagged pages with other users. Unlike the traditional bookmarks where a specific page only is shared, social bookmarking shares links to pages where a specific URL is mentioned or referenced. This increases traffic to the site, which in turn increases the revenue of the business.

As mobile web design has become more user-friendly and at least half of the population uses their mobile device for everything from shopping to searching, social bookmarking is also becoming more popular as a method of advertising. Anyone can access their shared bookmarks using any device with internet access. They can also search for shared bookmarks on a specific subject using their Smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

There is no doubt that improved mobile website design has made it much easier for people to manage their work, home, and social lives. Now, with increased use of social bookmarking, businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to generate more revenue for their company.

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