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Advanced tips from SEO experts

I remember when I began building my first website and how it seemed as though there was so much to learn that even years of dedication couldn’t catch me up to all that I’d missed. Just six months or so on, though, the website was thriving, and had developed far beyond any horizon that I even knew existed.

With search engine optimisation, people always seem to pick things up far more quickly than they would expect to. This is partly an illusion, though, as part of what makes SEO seem so complicated from an outside perspective is simply that it is all new, and plus there is plenty of jargon to get your head around.

Once you do begin to work online and get involved with SEO, though, you’ll find many things which baffled you at first (SEO, PPC, Backlinks) but which it turns out you already know of, albeit without the proper technical diction. So if any of the above sounds like you right now, then please keep going, and read below for some SEO experts top tips.

First and foremost, make sure that your website is build for responsive design. Responsive design is all about building your site so that it can react with different devices with different screen sizes in order to display your content across all devices. By now around half of all browsing is carried out using tablets and mobile devices, making responsive design an essential SEO element to any website.

Tip two, make the most of your space. This doesn’t mean to cram as much content onto each page as possible, rather it means to format each web page in a way that complements your content. All of the content on your page should be clear, attractive, and easy to read.

Our third and final expert tip for this post is to make use of minimal design. This can have a number of key effects, including to help keep the focus of the page on the content, but also to keep your website running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For more regular SEO tips and tricks, please check out the rest of our blog! Plus we regularly post new content regularly!

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