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Advanced PPC Management Techniques

In this post we’ll be taking a look at more advanced PPC management techniques for those of you who think you have a decent grasp of the basics and are looking to spice up your PPC game. We have covered the basics of PPC elsewhere in the blog, but for those of you stumbling into your first blog post, we’ll briefly cover these again.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, and a PPC advert is one of those sponsored links you find at the top or on the right-hand margin of Google searches, usually called a “sponsored link”. These ads are hosted by the search engine, Google for example, and paid for by the website owner to promote and advertise their goods, services, and site. As far as marketing is concerned, PPC ads are pretty much unparalleled as an online marketing tool, and getting it right can have a huge impact on your online success.

Once you have selected same keywords to use for your initial ads, having used adwords or some other keyword research tool, you’ll come to a point where you want to edit your ads (or have your ads edited). The most simple way of doing this is to combine some research into your demographics with trial and error, maintaining your ads that perform well while editing those which do not.

There are other important elements to consider, however. It will often be the case that the ads which perform the best, and which you are least likely to change, are also the most expensive. These will be the top recommendations that your ad-word tool recommended, and they will also correspond with the most common searches entered into search engines.

The higher price for these ads is unavoidable, and in many cases worthwhile, though there are more advanced PPC methods to lower costs without compromising on performance. More advanced research, and a deeper understanding of your audience can actually allow you to target visitors who are either: near to the point of purchase, meaning they’re ready to part with some cash, or otherwise by casting a wide net to encourage simply the greatest influx of visitors possible.

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