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Advanced mobile website design ideas

If you already have a basic mobile website up and running that you’ve been happy with, and which runs well, then that’s a great start to your online business. Once you have reached this level, though, it might be about time that you consider some advanced mobile website design ideas to give your mobile site a competitive edge.

There are tonnes of inspirational design ideas that have come into common use with mobile sites over recent years. Though this list is far from exhaustive, here are some of our favourites.

Ghost buttons
If you don’t already know what a ghost button or ghost icon is, then you really should look into it, even if just so you know what we’re talking about here. Ghost buttons are revolutionary thanks to the way they allow us to use clickable elements and buttons over pretty much any part of our website design, including high res images. Using ghost buttons helps to create a really clean, and innovative website feel.

Horizontal scroll
Horizontal scrolling has become increasingly popular this past year, and although it is now widespread online, it did begin as a mobile design element. Mobile website design has been invigorated by the inspiration of mobile apps, leading the way in intuitive mobile design. Horizontal scrolling means that there is no need to scroll away from the menus at the top of the screen toward the bottom of the page, but rather reading and viewing has evolved to be more similar to the way we read a book.

Cascading menus
Cascading menus are a revolutionary mobile design element, perfect for saving space for small screen sizes. These menus come in a variety of forms, but all come in our out of view as your require them, usually activated by the cursor or touch screen in the top corner of the screen. Not only do cascading / hidden menus save space, they also allow for a more clear, minimalist layout.

Be sure to check back for more info on mobile website design trends, or feel free to get in touch to discuss your own website.

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