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A top SEO checklist for new websites

If you are building a new website from scratch then there are a few key top SEO tips that can give you a major boost from the very beginning. There are also ways that you can save yourself money in the long-term by making the right investments when building your site.

Responsive Design
The number one thing that I think applies to all websites, and which makes the most difference of all for new websites is a responsive design. Responsive design means building a website – usually using a grid based system which scales up and down depending on screen size – which can function perfectly regardless of what type of device is viewing the page. This means that your audience is open not only to those browsing on PCs or laptops but also those using mobile phones and tablets.

Custom Blog Creation
Having a blog for your site is a fantastically cost-effective way to increase web traffic, and it is never relatively as effective as when your site first goes live. A custom blog offers regular posts to your audience, offering content which goes beyond that on your main website. Using a custom blog allows you to pick up a following, to demonstrate your expertise to your audience, and to make big increases in your web traffic. Each blog post you write, and they can be just a hundred words or so if you like, answers a new question that someone is eventually going to search online.

Website Back-End
Though the back-end of your website isn’t necessarily a top priority when you first build a website, and for this reason few people bother to learn anything about it, understanding it is far less complicated when your website is smaller and more simple in design. As your website develops, so will its complexity, and if you never get round to learning about how the backend of your website can be used, then you won’t be enjoying the advantages of it.

The main thing to focus on initially is to organise your content effectively using keywords and by categorising blog posts and other content where necessary. Finally, when your website is displayed on a search engine, what is shown is referred to as the meta title and meta description of each page, so be sure to work on these and utilise keywords within them.

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