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A guide to professional mobile website design

Welcome to our latest guide to follow for achieving a professional mobile website design for you site. The world of the mobile web is constantly reinventing itself, and there seems to be the latest new idea springing up every month, here though are our top tips for creating a truly professional mobile site.

One of our fondest principles for designing for mobile is to let simplicity rule. When the Internet was new and novel it was hip to have bright flashing moving images all over your site, kitten’s paws for mouse cursors, and glittery sparkling backgrounds. None of this is novel today though, and when it comes to mobile browsing all of this is going to have a big toll on the speed it can run at. Instead let your content do the talking.

Tonal colours
Carrying on from our first point, when it comes to choosing colour schemes for your site you should either stick to monochrome, or use tonal colours if you think that colour is important for the context of your content. Tonal colours are lighter and softer on the eye, and this will stop your viewer for staring at your colour scheme over your text or images.

Easy navigation
It’s essential that your viewer can find his or her way around your site if you expect them to return. Browsing your site should be a pleasure, not a chore, after all. Straight forward navigation won’t just improve your mobile site in the eyes of your viewer, but will also be important in deciding how you’re ranked by the search engine.

Larger icons
Unlike using a mouse cursor mobile browsing relies on us navigating our way with our hands, so take this into consideration for your menus and other icons around your site, your viewer doesn’t want to need to zoom each time they click something on your site.

Horizontal scrolling
Horizontal scrolling can be a great way to make your users experience more easy when using a mobile device. Simply tap left and right to navigate between your pictures, or pages to reveal the next.

Cascading menus
Cascading menus can save a large portion of space which would otherwise be limiting what can be seen on the screen at once, giving more on screen at any one time and also requiring less scrolling. 

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