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A guide for expert SEO practices

When investing in a search engine optimisation package for your website it’s good to be sure that you have access to all of the finest expert SEO practices available. As you may or may not know, the world of SEO is constantly changing and growing as the Internet evolves, as well as with changing technologies like the rise of mobile devices. As such, it’s great help to give yourself a little update from time to time to stay in the know, this is why we’ve created this definitive guide to expert SEO techniques.  

Designing your site

From the point of view that most industries have plenty of competition, in the end the content on websites may be shared between many, this is why among many other reasons, design can be key. If you run any type of business

Tidying up your site

Your SEO expert should also have a fine eye for detail when it comes to tidying your website up around the edges. There are plenty of things that a novice might not notice or be aware but which can make a big difference to your SEO efforts. A quick survey of your site should be enough for your SEO professional to make your site more consistent throughout which might not seem like a big deal, but it very well might be for your audience. As well as appearance your site can be smoothed around the edges by updating your page URLs (the text you see in your search bar after .com/ for each page.

In addition to URLs you can make your site easier to read for both your customer and the search engine by adding meta titles and meta tags for each of your pages. These are what someone would see when on the search results page and you should think of them as like the doorways into your website.

Maintaining and managing your site

A job like keyword research shouldn’t be a one time thing, to maintain your site your SEO expert should revise and amend the keywords used in your content if it would lead to better results for your site, this includes things like PPC keywords too. You should also have your Backlinks constantly revised, added, and edited to make sure that you don’t have dead links in your content.

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