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7 SEO Tricks That Make Custom Blog Creation A Force To Be Reckoned With

Custom blog creation is a standard of SEO these days – but not that many top SEO companies can actually tell you exactly why. The real reason why SEO-purposed blogs are so powerful is in the sheer number of ways that they can manipulate keywords in ways that normal articles can’t.

SEO blog titles tend to be simple: you put the keyword in the title, as close to the front as possible, and with just enough other words around it that it sounds natural and comprehensible to humans.

Categories serve, to the surfer, the purpose of acting as a guide to where information on a specific topic can be found. To the blog creator, however, categories act as a way of getting your keywords of choice to show up on the page without having to write them into the article — and as a way of giving Google a way to display all of your blog’s “keyword XYZ” results on a single page (your Categories page) rather than splitting up the juice between several smaller individual posts.

Yep — it’s another place to shove your keywords! Tags are functionally identical to categories except that you could make them up on the fly — you just don’t want to if you’re using them for SEO purposes.

Yes, Google pays attention to your subheadings. They get slightly more impact than ordinary text — so if you’re going to stick more than one instance of a keyword into your post, put one of them in a subheading!

All images should be named, alt-texted, and title-texted, and all of those things should be a keyword (or a few different keywords) relevant to your blog — as long as it also makes sense to a human reader.

Meta: Description
Your blog’s description metatag is the snippet that shows up under the site’s link in Google’s SERPs. Don’t keyword-stuff this one — write naturally, for ordinary people, and write something that is true to the content of your page.

Header and Footer
Not literally — but the first 100 words of your post and the last 100 words of your post have more SEO impact than the middle. So when it comes to putting your keywords and LSI variations into your text, put them at the bottom and the top, and let the middle be what it will. Custom blog creation, top SEO. See how simple that was?

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