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5 essentials of mobile website development

We’ve broken mobile website development down into 5 simple essential goals. Despite their simplicity, however, very few mobile websites ever get near achieving these goals, and if you can get your head around them from the very start you’ll have a huge headstart on your competition.  

We decided to put speed first, mainly since so few sites seem to give enough focus to page load times. There are a few key essential principles to keeping your website running smoothly, the most important of which is to try to keep all unnecessary elements to a minimal. Any videos or sound files which automatically run will not only dramatically reduce the speed of your website, but they’ll also frustrate mobile users who might be on the train or another public place.  

You should also make sure that the design of your website makes for a pleasant appearance. Opt for simplicity over a flashy design, and give the focus of your page to the content on your page, not the design or menus around it. You can also improve the visual appeal of your website by designing your mobile site almost as if it were an app.  

Regardless of what platform is being used, remember that the content in your site is why everything else exists, so always remember to put your content first.

When using a mobile device more than ever, it needs to be clear and straight-forward to navigate your website. Already dealing with slower loading times, your audience might well get frustrated and leave if they cannot find their way around the site.

Finger Friendly
Last but certainly not least, a mobile website needs to be finger friendly. First off this means making menus, tabs, and any icons that need to be clicked, big enough to be… clicked. It also means limiting the work that needs to be done to navigate the site. Consider laying your mobile site out so that visitors scroll from slide to slide from left to right just like with a book, rather than scrolling up and down as with a conventional website.

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