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3 Tips for Your Mobile Website Design

With the number of mobile users who are accessing the Internet via their mobile, which is starting to rival those who access the Internet via a computer, having a mobile website design is a necessity. Many companies are utilizing responsive design in order to have one website that is going to work on both a computer and a mobile device. However, for those who are looking to have a separate mobile design, here are a few tips to make this work for you.

Keep Content the Same
No matter what you are designing the website for, whether this be for a compute or a mobile device, the content that is contained on both sites must be the same. You do not want people to think that through your using mobile site that they are losing out, nor do you want computer users to feel the same. Thus, keep in mind:

  • Have the same menu options
  • Ensure contact information is prominent on both sites
  • The blogs should be accessible on both and be the same

In mobile website design, many people try to not give as much content, however, this is a mistake that could cause you readers in the long run.

Ensure your Brand is Present
For those who are designing a mobile site, they want to ensure that the design stays as close as possible to the design of their desktop website. The reason being is that this is a method of branding, and you do not want the brand to appear different. You will want to stick with the same logo and color concepts that you use on the regular website. Otherwise, it could lead to confusion, which for a business could lead to sales lost.

Avoid Overloading Pages
With mobile website design it is super important to not overload the page. For example:

  • Buttons should be spaced properly to avoid hitting the wrong one, thus having numerous buttons will not work
  • Avoid utilizing too many images as this can slow down a mobile site and be one aspect that makes readers turn away
  • Try to minimize or avoid pop-ups altogether

In the end your mobile site needs to be usable, while also keeping with your brand. If you do this, you will have success.

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