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3 big perks of custom blog creation

It is immediately evident what difference certain SEO techniques make, website design, for example. Every website owner is concerned about the appearance of their website, and directly see the relation between an attractive website, and attracting an audience. An SEO method which is much less understood is custom blog creation.

Custom blog creation simply means having a blog build for your website, accessed from a small ‘blog’ tab on your menu, or via the search engine. Many sites have these blogs, even if you might not often notice them. But what exactly is the purpose of having a blog?

Be the authority
By hosting a blog on your site you’ll have more space available for offering extra content to your visitors, as well as attracting some new ones. The first big perk of this is that your site will begin to make a name as an authority on your subject, whatever that is. By offering more specialist, and in general just more information and content than your competition, then you’ll begin to draw in new visitors who can’t find the information, and these customers will keep coming back, viewing you as the expert.

Impress your audience
Perk number two is that you can make a big impression on your existing audience. Give them a peep behind the scenes, offer promotions, and run some competitions. Anything you can do to engage your audience is a big plus, and there is no better marketing that creating a culture around your brand. Also, your blog will give you a space to offer more erudite, or niche interests that relate to your main site, but without alienating your more general audience.

Rank with search engine
Last but not least, custom blog creation is all about search engine optimisation. All of the benefits listed above help you to rank better because of the response that your audience will have to your blog. The search engine will also reward you for other reasons, though, for having a blog on your site. The more regularly you most new content to your site, the more active you appear to the search engine, and the better your site will rank.

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