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3 Benefits of Custom Blog Creation

In this weeks SEO blog post we want to take a look at some of the benefits to be had from making the most of custom blog creation on your website. Many websites host blogs, though you may not know it, as most of the times blogs are contained within a small tab on your website, within which you may offer rich content that is for whatever reason not relevant to the static pages of your site.

The first big perk of using a custom blog on your website, and which is unique to blogging, is what I like to think of as like having many different entrances. Otherwise, you might think of your blog posts as being like individual fishing lines, with hook, and bait. For every post that you create, you’ll have a precise topic, with particular keywords, and topics. Each of these then become available in the search engine to be found when a willing searcher enters a relevant search term.

By posting regularly, you’ll build up an archive of many of these posts, and each one can take the role of attracting specific customers, or types of customer within your niche.  

Perk number two of custom blogging is that it allows you to become an authority within your industry. By creating quality, interesting, entertaining, or informative blogs, people will come to know your website as offering something different from the competition. In time this blog popularity is certain to translate to more web traffic on each page of your website, and also for building revenue.

Last but not least, custom blogging works as a fantastic SEO tool insofar as the search engine will rank you positively for each post you make, especially if you post regularly. In basic terms, the more active your website, the higher it will rank in search engine results. Experience shows that the best way of taking advantage of this element of custom blogging is to write a dozen or so posts at a time, and to schedule them every week or so, so as to have a constant flow of new content.

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